The Rugby Period

April 01, 2013

Many of us in the United States found Rugby in one way, shape, or form while we were in college.   It was was a hidden treasure on college campuses - filled with history, folklore, and legions of dedicated men and women.  People that bought into a differnet kind of sport.  The image of the sport has changed in the last 20 years, both domestically and abroad as the game professionalized overseas and has emerged as one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S.

The folks behind this website and these clothes consider the next 20 years to be "The Rugby Period" in American sports.   Youth programs are popping up everywhere, adult leagues are recruiting more and more disengaged "former" atheletes, and colleges/universities have begun to take their clubs seriously with the Olympics on the horizon.  The game of Rugby will grow, period.

It is time for a distinctively "Rugby" brand that captures the essence of the American game.   An essence that embodies much more than the action on the grass, the boots on your feet, or the laws of the game.   There is a distinctive culture amongst players across the globe and it's bigger than "Give blood, play rugby" tees of the past (although we promise to make one someday too.)

Rugby Period hopes to give you, the Rugby player, the Rugby fan, the Rugby "person" - a canvas to express your appreciation of the sport and the things that bind us to this amazing game.  Rugby culture shall spread from team to team, player to player, and shirt to shirt.

In Rugby,


Speaking of which, here are some teams and some players I've had a chance to play beside or coach over the years... 

Occidental College Rugby 1997

Occidental College Rugby 2000

St Mary's College Olde Gaels 2002

Oxy Godfree Boys - Maggotfest2002

Alameda High School Rugby 2003

Alameda High School Rugby2003

University of British Columbia Olde Boys / Ravens 2004

Schuylkill River Exiles 2007

Occidental College Rugby 2011

Occidental College Rugby 2011

Occidental College Rugby 2011 D3 National Champs (almost)

Oxy Olde Boys RFC 2012

Sizing Guide
  • Hand screen printed in California
  • Pre-shrunk
  • 100% combed ring-spun fine jersey cotton