December 08, 2015

ATAVUS x Rugby Period.

Over the recent months, we've collaborated with ATAVUS on a couple projects as they shifted their name from SEREVI to expand their relentless pursuit of teaching and molding the future players of American Rugby at all levels.  New Name, Same Game.

ATAVUS continues to do something Rugby as a whole has not been able to accomplish over the last 120+ years.  They found a way to bridge the gap between American Football and its "sporting parent" Rugby.  There has been much publicity in the last couple years about the positive impact SEREVI/ATAVUS have had on the safety and execution of the NFL's Seattle Seahawks' Defense through "Rugby style" tackling.  Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll constantly praises how this shift in practice has enhanced their defense and increased the safety of their players.  Atavus is leading the charge in bringing back an "old school" technique to a modern game.

Our goal at Rugby Period is to build upon the foundation rugby created over the last 192 years (since 1823), while acknowledging our modern American sporting heritage

We believe many Americans have begun to take a step back from our modern sporting traditions in search for a non-traditional game that actively breeds character, instills positive values, and cultivates community.  ATAVUS is a brand, a conduit, a program and a pathway for people to find their place in this burgeoning Rugby Period.  And we are proud to join them in their mission.

Read below to see the process of creating this collaborative t-shirt design.

Did we mention, this TSHIRT IS FREE???  Yep, get the gettin' while the gettin' is good!

The Creative Process - Woodblocking

For this project with ATAVUS, we worked with former Cal State Long Beach Rugger, Zac Calbert and his design studio UTLTRN in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

His mountain side studio uses some old school traditional methods for creating art.  When we started talking to ATAVUS about this collaboration, we thought it was important to dig into heritage and art, sport, and wanted to keep it within the rugby family.

Zac chose to use one of his favorite techniques, woodblock printing, which originated in ancient China during the Han Dynasty and survived as a primary method of printing for more than 1700 years following into the 19th Century.

We followed Zac for a day in his Sonora, CA studio as he showed us the process of creating a woodblock stamp and his letterpress stamping machine as he prepared to create our ATAVUS RUGBY PERIOD design.  Throwback!

You see the "distressed" effect people use through design now days via a Photoshop plugin or phone app to give something an old period/vintage look.  Well, what Zac does is what those filters took inspiration from.  The imperfections are a natural part of this timeless analog process.

We felt using this method of design, incorporated with traditional screen printing for the final tshirt, was a nice way to connect the past and the future.  Just as ATAVUS is doing with the NFL and Seattle Seahawks, bringing an old technique to the modern day so we can stop and remember our roots while still forging into the future.

We would like to thank Zac, ATAVUS (Adam & Naima & Carly!) and every single person that dedicates themselves to the preservation of character, history, and the future of Rugby.  Rugby truly is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

Jeremy & The Rugby Period.

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Sizing Guide
  • Hand screen printed in California
  • Pre-shrunk
  • 100% combed ring-spun fine jersey cotton